Custome Police Pvc Patches

Police Patch

Police PVC patches are strong and last a long time, even in tough weather. They’re great for cops’ uniforms and gear. These patches have cool designs and words that look sharp. They make cops’ uniforms stand out and look good. Check out our police PVC patches to make your police team look awesome!

Quick Facts About Our Custom Police Patches


100 Patches for 200$

200 patches for 300$


Minimum order of quantity 30 patches 

Free Design Help

Our well trained designers have got you covered.

Delivery Time 

Get your small order delivered within 2 weeks with free shipping.

How to Make Custom Police Patches?

Make customised Police Patches with easy steps:

Step 1: Share Your Design Ideas or Pictures

  • Tell us what you want your patch to look like.
  • Show us any pictures or examples you have.
  • We’ll use your ideas to create your patch!

Step 2: Our Designer Makes Your Artwork

  • Our expert designer will create a great design for you.
  • We’ll send it to you for approval.
  • We want to make sure you like it before we continue.

Step 3: We Make Your Patches

  • Once you approve the design, we’ll start making your patches.
  • We use really good materials to make sure they’re nice.
  • We want you to be happy with what you get.

Step 4: Your Patches Arrive at Your Door

  • We’ll send your patches right to your door.
  • You don’t have to go anywhere; we’ll take care of it.
  • Get ready to show off your patches!
Custom Pvc Patches process
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