Military Pvc Patches

Military pvc patches

Military patches are badges that show different things like which unit you’re in, your rank, or something special you’ve done in the military. They’re usually sewn or stuck onto uniforms and gear, making them look cool and showing everyone who you are in the military.

Quick Facts About Custom Military Patches


100 Patches from 2$ each 


Minimum order 30 patches 

Free Design Help

Our designers have you covered


Delivery within 2 weeks with free shipping 

How to Make Custom Military Pvc Patches?

Make your own Military PVC Patches in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Send us your logo or design and tell us the size you want.
Step 2: Our trained designers will make mock-up for you to check.
Step 3: Once you’re happy with it, we’ll make the patches and deliver them to you on doorstep.

Custom Pvc Patches process

Military Patches With Velcro

Military PVC patches with Velcro are strong patches for soldiers. They stick easily onto uniforms, gear, or bags. They have cool designs and clear writing. Soldiers wear them to show which group they belong to or just for fun.

Military pvc patch with velcro

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