How Do You Put PVC Patches on Clothes?

Clothing pvc patches applying

PVC patches are a cool way to add some flair to your clothes. Whether it’s jazzing up a uniform or spicing up your jacket, knowing how to attach PVC patches properly is important. Here, we’ll show you two simple methods to make sure your patches stay put.

Method 1: Sewing Patches Directly

  1. Get Your Stuff: Grab your PVC patches, clothes, sewing machine, and thread.
  2. Prep the Spot: Choose where you want your patch and make sure it’s clean and dry.
  3. Pin It Down: Use pins to keep the patch in place while you sew.
  4. Sew Away: Use your sewing machine to stitch around the patch’s edges.
  5. Extra Secure: For added strength, sew a second row of stitches.
  6. Tidy Up: Trim any stray threads.
  7. Ready to Go: Your patch is now securely attached!

Method 2: Using Velcro Patches

  1. Gather Your Gear: You’ll need Velcro strips, fabric glue, PVC patches, and your clothes.
  2. Stick It: Attach the hook side of the Velcro to the back of your patch.
  3. Place It: Decide where to put the patch on your clothes and attach the loop side of the Velcro there.
  4. Check First: Test the position before gluing.
  5. Glue It Down: Put fabric glue on the Velcro.
  6. Press and Wait: Push the patch onto your clothes and hold it for a bit to let the glue set.
  7. Dry Time: Leave it to dry completely.
  8. Enjoy the Flexibility: Now you can move the patch around whenever you want!


Don’t iron PVC patches—it’s not good for them or your clothes. Stick to these simple methods for a secure and long-lasting attachment. With these tricks, you can show off your style with custom PVC patches on all your favorite outfits!

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