Alaska Flag Pvc Patches

Alaska flag pvc patch

Show Your Love for Alaska with Our Alaska State Flag PVC Patch

Our Alaska state flag PVC patch is a durable and proud symbol of Alaska. The flag’s design shows the Big Dipper and the North Star on a blue background, representing the sky and Alaska’s northern location.

History of the Alaska State Flag:

In 1927, a 13-year-old boy named Benny Benson, who was an Alaska Native orphan, designed the Alaska state flag. His design won a contest to create a flag for Alaska. The flag shows the sky, the North Star, and the Big Dipper, representing Alaska’s natural beauty and resources.

Features of Our Alaska State Flag PVC Patch:

  • Strong Material: Our patch is made from tough PVC, so it lasts a long time and looks great.

  • Detailed Design: The patch shows the Alaska state flag’s design clearly and accurately.

  • Easy to Use: With a hook and loop backing, you can attach the patch to clothes, bags, hats, and more easily.

Get Your Alaska State Flag PVC Patch Today:

Join proud Alaskans by getting our Alaska state flag PVC patch. Carry a piece of Alaska with you wherever you go!

Note: If you want to order many patches, you can ask us about customization options.

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