Arizona Flag Pvc Patches

Arizona flag pvc patch with velcro

Explore Arizona’s Pride with Our State Flag PVC Patch

Discover the spirit of Arizona with our Arizona State Flag PVC Patch. It shows the flag of Arizona, which has a special design that represents the state’s history and beauty.


  • Real Look: Our patch looks just like the Arizona state flag. It has a star and some lines that represent the sun and the Grand Canyon.

  • Strong and Long-lasting: Our patch is made of tough material, so it won’t get damaged easily. You can use it outside, and it will still look good.

  • Easy to Use: You can put this patch on many things like clothes or bags. It’s simple to attach and take off whenever you want.

History of the Arizona State Flag:

The Arizona state flag was made in 1917. It was designed by Colonel Charles W. Harris. The flag has a star and some lines. The lines show the sunset and the 13 colonies of the United States. The star is the color of copper because Arizona has a lot of copper.

Get Your Arizona State Flag PVC Patch Today:

Show your love for Arizona with our State Flag PVC Patch. Whether you’re from Arizona or just love its history, this patch is a great way to celebrate. Order now and take a piece of Arizona with you wherever you go!

Note: If you want to order many patches, you can ask us about special options.

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