Arkansas Flag Pvc Patches

Arkansas Flag Pvc Patch with velcro

Our Arkansas Flag PVC Patch tells the tale of Arkansas’s rich past and enduring pride. It’s more than just a patch—it’s a piece of history you can wear.

Flag History:

The Arkansas state flag is like a history book in colors. The blue stands for the time when Arkansas was part of the Confederacy during the Civil War. In the middle, there’s a white diamond, showing off Arkansas’s diamond mines. And around the diamond, there are 25 white stars, reminding us that Arkansas was the 25th state to join the USA.

Patch Features:

  • True to History: Our patch looks just like the Arkansas flag, with all its details. The blue is bold, the diamond is bright white, and the stars shine proudly.

  • Bright Colors: Red, white, and blue burst from our patch, showing off Arkansas’s beauty and patriotism.

  • Strong and Sturdy: Made from tough PVC, our patch can handle anything. Whether you’re hiking in the Ozarks or exploring Little Rock, it’ll stay looking great.

  • Easy to Use: Stick it on your clothes, bags, or hats—it’s easy with the hook and loop backing. Wherever you go, your Arkansas pride can come too.

Celebrate Arkansas:

Whether you’re from Arkansas or just love its story, our patch is for you. It’s a small piece of Arkansas you can take with you wherever you go.

Get Your Arkansas Patch Today:

Join others who proudly wear our Arkansas Flag PVC Patch. Order now and carry a piece of Arkansas’s history with you wherever you go!

Note: If you want to order lots of patches, ask us about customization options.

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