How Much Do PVC Patches Cost?

Orienstar pvc patches price

Finding out the cost of PVC patches involves looking at different things that affect the price. This guide will help you understand what influences the cost of PVC patches so you can make smart choices when buying them.

Estimated Prices For Pvc Patches 


Factors That Affect PVC Patch Costs:

  1. Design Complexity:

    • Fancy designs with lots of details or 3D parts take more time and materials to make, so they cost more.
    • Simple designs with fewer colors and details are usually cheaper.
  2. Patch Size:

    • Bigger patches need more PVC material and might need extra stitching, which makes them more expensive than smaller ones.
  3. Order Size:

    • Buying lots of patches at once usually costs less per patch because it’s cheaper to make a bunch at once.
    • Buying just a few patches might cost more per patch, but it’s good for small projects.
  4. Custom Options:

    • Adding special features like Velcro backing or shiny finishes can make the patches cost more, but they can also look cooler and work better.
  5. How They’re Made:

    • Different ways of making patches, like molding them in 2D or 3D, or glow in dark , can affect the cost depending on how hard it is to do.

How Prices Are Figured Out:

  • Companies usually decide how much to charge based on things like how complicated the design is, how big the patch is, how many you’re ordering, and if you want any extra features.
  • They might give you a price based on your specific needs if you ask.

Why PVC Patches Are Worth It:

  • They Last a Long Time: PVC patches are tough and can handle rough treatment and bad weather, so they’ll stay looking good for a while.
  • They Can Be Used for Lots of Things: You can stick them on clothes, bags, and all kinds of stuff, and they’ll still look great.
  • They’re Good for Showing Off: You can put your logo or design on them to promote your brand or show off your style.
  • They Look Cool: PVC patches come in lots of colors and styles, so you can make something that really stands out.


Knowing what affects the cost of PVC patches and what makes them worth it can help you pick the right ones for you. Whether you want them for your business, your clothes, or just for fun, PVC patches are a durable and cool way to make a statement.

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