What Machine Do You Need To Make PVC Patches?

CNC Machine for pvc patches

Starting to make PVC patches? You’ll need the CNC machine to get started. This simple guide will explain the equipment you need for each step, from creating molds to adding colors and heating your patches.

CNC Machine for Making Molds:

First, you need a CNC machine. This machine helps turn your digital designs into physical molds. It’s like a high-tech printer that carves out your designs from materials like metal or plastic. With a CNC machine, you can make detailed molds for your PVC patches with great accuracy.

Filling Colors by Hand:

Once you have your mold, it’s time to add colors. This part is done by hand. You’ll use tools like syringes to fill each part of the mold with different PVC colors. It’s a bit like painting, but you’re filling in the shapes of your design instead.

Heating for Patch Formation:

After adding colors, you’ll need heat to make the patches. Heating the mold melts the PVC material, shaping it into your patches. It’s like baking cookies – but instead of dough, you’re using PVC. Keeping an eye on the temperature is important to make sure your patches turn out just right.


Making PVC patches is fun and easy with the right machines. From using a CNC machine to create molds, filling colors by hand, to heating for patch formation, each step brings you closer to your finished patches. So, get your machines ready, and let’s start making some awesome PVC patches!

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